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Why God Created Feelings

You said something about having a real feeling and I’m wondering what you would describe as a real feeling? 

The real feeling has to come deeper than opinions and deeper than a concept. It comes from within you. The negative things aren’t really feelings. I call them emotions because I separate those. The real feeling is joy or love or maybe sadness occasionally, if you don’t go too far with sadness. Longing, hoping, and caring, these are all real feelings. The negative ones: fear, anger, pride are just distortions that are covers on top of what’s really being felt.

If you have a real feeling, you’re probably getting that from within. The real feelings are a guidance to you. They point in the direction of movement. They’re a path of discovery, your real feelings. Let’s say it is longing or it’s hoping for connection or hoping to be loved or loving the source of something. That’s going to draw you to that. It’s going to draw what is the source towards you. Real feelings get you into an actual positive framework of growth. That could be a feeling of loss or a feeling of disconnection. We all disconnected from our Creator. We all went away and did our own thing. There’s going to be a feeling of emptiness there. There is going to be a feeling of separation which we did. And so, that’s a real feeling.

But what’s the purpose of that feeling? It’s to be uncomfortable. We’re inside of God. God is supporting our life. God is even supporting our choices in being uncomfortable or even being separate or even being angry or hurt, whatever we want to do. But we’re not going to get back to Him unless we feel it on an honest level, not in a reactive way. All the negative emotions are reactions to what you’re going through. The feeling is there to get you back in connection with the being you’re living in, with God who is supporting all the life that you have a choice to use. You have life, you have energy, and you can choose that negatively and make it really foul and disgusting. Or you can make it refined and peaceful and loving. Your choice, it is his energy. But you taint it with your ego and you taint it with your impurities or with your bad feelings. 

God created feelings. Why? So people would know whether they were close or whether they were far from Him. You could have tended to or likened it to conscience which is ‘with feeling.’ It means that you feel a sag, a loss, a diminution of energy when you screw up, when you do something that is not loving or kind or responsible. When it’s not thoughtful of other people, you feel the decrease in energy. It is a sort of sagging in your feelings and that’s like conscience. The feelings are God’s way of letting you know if you’re in touch with yourself, whether you’re falling away from him, or whether you’re coming back and staying with him. 

God made feelings. God made conscience. God made the delineation between good and evil before we were created. It was already decided. So when you dip into one or dip into the other, you are going to feel it. He set it up that way. Now it is a fairly godless world where we think that there is no accountability and there’s nobody watching so you can do whatever you want. But the feeling is there to show you that it matters what you do. 

Why did you say that about sadness? 

I would call that a feeling. If you hurt somebody, you should feel sad. But what happens is you feel guilty. Then you feel mad that you feel guilty and then you react. So sadness felt very quickly is real. But if you take it too long, you go to despair or some other kind of negative emotion. So sadness is a very tricky business. Do it quickly. If you are sad about the way you handled something, then go fix it. If you’re sad about the way you handled it and then you feel sorry for yourself, now you’ve compounded your error. Feeling sorry for yourself is just “I don’t want to change and I don’t want to take responsibility. I don’t want to fix it. I don’t want to be better.” So that’s why it’s a very slippery slope: sadness. Because the dark energy wants you to go to despair. So be very careful about that. You do a quick sadness and you fix it. You do something that fixes it.

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