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Maria Valtorta was an Italian nun in the 1940s. Jesus and Mother Mary came to her and dictated over 15,000 pages to write down about Their time here on earth. The first publication of these dictations was in Italian in 1956 and it took another 2 decades for an English version to become available. The books begin with the birth of Mother Mary and end with her Assumption.
Father Peter Bowes has recorded all of these volumes with over 200 hours of audio about Jesus’ life and they are available on Audible and iTunes. These recordings are an incredible gift for us to have.
Jesus says: “This is the Voice of the Teacher. It roars and caresses. It roars when it is addressed to those who do not want to be converted. It caresses when it speaks to those who, though imperfect, have the “good will” to find God and His Word and, having found Them, to sanctify themselves. For these it becomes the caress of a Friend and the blessing of Jesus.


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