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I want to talk about reincarnation and it’s a controversial subject. Most of the Christians don’t believe in reincarnation. The Buddhists and the Hindus do so a good chunk of the world believes in it. And the Pharisees did in Jesus’s time. Reincarnation was taken out of the Christian scriptures and Christian teachings 300-400 years after Christ.

The fact of the matter is it is most important what you’re doing with your life now, how you feel about your life, and how connected you are to yourself and to God. That’s what mostly matters. But for some of us, we’ve had experience of our past lives and that makes it a little bit more complicated. For one thing, it gives you that sense of continuity of life, that life is continuous in and out of bodies, that you actually live other lives in the two genders. You’re male or female and you probably alternate every so many lifetimes.

The experiences that we have all of these lessons to learn in order to master the basic lessons of life, not to have every single lesson, but to have the essential lessons mastered. It requires lots of experience to do that before you don’t have to incarnate anymore where you don’t have to come into a flesh body anymore. Reincarnation is not an excuse as some of the Christians thought. If people thought they had many lives, they would just waste the ones that they were using and just indulge themselves and just eat drink and be merry. That’s actually very shortsighted because the law of cause and effect still works. You still get the results of your actions back, even if you’re kind of messing around or trying to have fun. The law still works: whatever you put out, you get back. So you don’t really get away with anything in creation, in the universe. You don’t get away with any trouble making without it coming back on you.

The good thing about reincarnation is that you get to learn it again if you didn’t learn it well the first time. And that’s exactly what happens. You come back in another life with the lessons still unlearned and you get parents to encourage those unlearned lessons. In other words, you choose the parents that are going to treat you the way you treated other people in another life. I’m not justifying it. You know, that’s not saying that your parents don’t have karma and they don’t have responsibility to pay for their mistakes. Because they will. They will have to own up to their mistakes and they’ll have to be judged by their actions. But the point is that you get the parents that you deserve. In other words, you get the experience and the situation that teaches you a bunch of things because you needed it. And that’s exactly how you treated other people. 

You have a choice after 13 and 14 (years old). You can start to forgive them. You can start to make other decisions for yourself. You can be different than they expect you to be. You can move on and have a life that you want to have after you’ve paid in that suffering or paid in those difficult years for what you put out in another life. Reincarnation means that your soul travels from body to body and you are the same soul. You do not become an animal or an insect. Animals don’t graduate to humans. Once a human soul, you’re always a human soul. You had a beginning and you’ll have an immortal, continuous life in or out of bodies. Once you don’t need a body anymore, you will actually live as a spirit, as a being and still have conscious effect on your life and conscious effect on the universe because you’ll be doing other work besides being in a small material body here.

You don’t change personalities. Your personality continues life to life except you’re in a different scene with different culture, maybe different race, different religion, different background, different political ties. All of that will happen to round out your experience to open you up to things that you need to learn. When you see some of your lives, you’re not that special. You’re not like a lot of famous people. There’s seven billion people on the planet and they all had pretty classically dull lives, pretty nasty, mean lives. We’ve all been killed. We’ve been robbed or cheated or betrayed. We’ve all done those things to other people over the countless lifetimes.

Some of us were here when Jesus was here. You may have that feeling. You see these people coming in as musical prodigies and they can play anything. They can write symphonies at seven and five, compose music and everything else. They’re really just so skilled. These are people that have developed that skill in another life and they’re just bringing it back up and accessing it here. It’s like they couldn’t possibly learn all that stuff in four or five or seven years. It’s like their soul knows that. Their soul knows the music. Their soul knows the science, if that’s what they’re good at. Or their soul knows how to work with people, but they didn’t learn it in this short life. They’ve learned it over countless lives.

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