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Why are so many people depressed? People are depressed because they’re mad, basically. They’re angry that they haven’t been loved the way they wanted to be loved. Things haven’t gone the way they wanted them to go. They’re basically wanting other people to take responsibility for them, and that just makes them more upset and more angry.

Depression: the definition is knowing you have to do something but not thinking that you can. That’s maybe deeper than you’re used to. Knowing that you have to do something to take care of something or to be something, and not thinking that you can, so you just deflate. Like a balloon that’s run out of air, the air just lets out of it, and then you just fall and collapse and wait and do nothing, and then think you can’t do anything – that you’re powerless against the world or against all of the obstacles and challenges.

Depression is actually a choice that says, “I just can’t do it.” Basically, our world is kind of sad because there’s a lot of support that’s not given to people. There’s a lot of teaching and instruction that isn’t given to people. And if you don’t know how to do something, you’re going to feel insecure about trying things. There’s some people that are so depressed, they can’t even function, they can’t get out of bed. You know, for them, they might do well on medication or getting some therapy. 

For most people, depression comes and goes in your life based on circumstances, based on how people treat you, based on what’s going on at work – the ups and downs of life. But most of those sadnesses or depressions aren’t really debilitating. They don’t really take you down or make you miss work or mess up your relationships, but a serious one might. So if it’s really serious, you’ve got to see the regular folks about – you know, the psychiatrist or psychologist, about how to deal with those feelings. 

In the world, we have with so much negative energy and people so hostile to one another and people so mean and so desperate to comfort themselves through addictions or alcohol or drugs or sex. There’s an entitlement problem with most people where you think that you should just have what feels good and you should be able to do that whenever you want, and you should be able to take out your negative feelings on anybody whenever you feel like it. When you do that, you’re going to feel worse.

The solution to depression is taking action of a positive nature. Something that builds you up, something that helps other people, something that’s a demonstration of love and kindness and compassion. Think about somebody else, and you won’t be depressed for a while.

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