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I want to talk about reincarnation and it’s a controversial subject. Most of the Christians don’t believe in reincarnation. The Buddhists and the Hindus do

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Why are so many people depressed? People are depressed because they’re mad, basically. They’re angry that they haven’t been loved the way they wanted to

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Forgiveness Part 1

It is unevolved to harden your heart to another person. It lacks compassion and peace in your heart. There is no excuse for holding your

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Forgiveness Part 2

I want you to pick one person to start with. Someone who was really meaningful in your life. Pick someone you have been with from

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One quality that stands out in the lives of people who carry dignity is their capacity to be honest. Most people, if questioned, would profess

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Christian Mysticism

Mystical means simply having an experience beyond the five senses. When you experience love, it is an example of a mystical experience. When you feel

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